A lot of readers on the cfwriterz have been waiting to know who wins the December award. More importantly, a lot have read the shortlisted entries and are wondering. One of the joys of organizing a literary contest is that you realize there’s nothing like a perfect story.

Writing is not for perfectionists. That’s why we have editors. The greatest technique for writing a book is to scrawl out all the jargon in your head as fast as you can then spend the rest of your life editing and rewriting.

No book ever comes out looking like a bestseller.

Oladeji Jonathan D.

The Winner for the Dec 2018, Freedom Magazine Awards is finally unveiled!

The cfwriterz magazine Acknowledgements

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We are also grateful to the judging Panel Which consisted of Michael Emmanuel Tolulope, Jide Badmus, Karo Oforuofo and Joe Aito. To the Bloggers and Platforms that helps publicize the entries, we say thank you. Pelleura, Brittle Paper, Common Wealth Writers, The Single Story, Creative Writing News, Poemify Mag and so many others.

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What We are About

Ever heard the name ALEX HALEY???
Alex Haley’s was known for writing about the African American struggle. He was so poor he had canned sardine for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Being black and broke is just as popular as being a broke writer.

Best known for The Autobiography of Malcolm X and the novel Roots, Haley began his writing career freelancing and struggled to make ends meet. His work inspired nationwide interest in genealogy and popularized Black history. His big break came when Playboy magazine assigned him to interview Miles Davis.

You see that big break?

That miracle that brings one writer out of obscurity? That’s what cfwriterz is all about!! We are devoted to the African Story. We believe there are gems in this earth called Africa and someone has to pay the price for them to be unearthed.

Out of over 100 entries submitted for the Magazine “Wings to Fly,” our winner is Sima Essien’s “You were Made for Better Things.”

To read his story and other entries, download the Magazine HERE.