Itanile is a literary brand that provides a platform for African writers to publish stories they want to tell about the African experience. We are committed to developing new audiences for African literature. We provide a storytelling platform that connects African writers with their readers using digital reading frameworks. Also, we help writers surmount the high cost of traditional print and publishing by using a cost-free digital platform to self-publish. Itanile is looking to move onto a mobile app that allows readers to purchase and read books in-app. This will enable us to retain reader engagement while protecting the content of our authors.

Vision Statement:

To be at the forefront of promoting African literature as a tool for sustainable socio-economic growth within Africa.

Mission statement:

To make publishing easier for African writers by providing African writers the tools they need through a digital platform that offers them an easy publishing interface and ensures the safety of their literary works and building the African literary industry by serving as a connecting bridge between African writers and their target audiences.

Founded by Oladeji Jonathan Damilola, the literary brand is run by a team of volunteer writers, editors, artists, and creatives. We publish and promote stories, poems, articles and ebooks written by African authors all over the globe. Below are our value offers to you.

Itanile Annual Awards

The initiative was conceived to acknowledge the efforts and commitments of literary creatives in advancing the African experience through storytelling. The awards, which would be given annually to works published by Itanile, are in five categories: Fiction, Creative Nonfiction, Essays, Poetry, and the Chapbook Award. The winner(s) in each category will receive $200 each.

The awarded works, selected by guest editors, will be chosen based on strength, quality, and impact on the Itanile community. All works published by Itanile throughout the year – up till October – will be considered for the awards.

EBOOK Distribution for Self-Publishers

We are dedicated to promoting African self-published or Indie Authors. Submit your compiled work by following the instruction on the submissions page.  Ebooks; Anthologies, Novels, Novella, Short Story collections in PDF format are accepted on the SHOP. At Itanile, authors have major control over the publishing and sales of their books.

Other Value Offers

We run an African literary prize and writing workshops to help authors and writers leverage experts, platform, and funding as growth catalysts. Do you need help Editing, Designing, and Publishing your Ebook? we can do this for you. Email [email protected] for more enquiries. 

Our Call for Sponsorship

We seek sponsorship/partnership with humanitarian brands that can leverage our social capital to attract even greater relationships by giving to literary stars. We work collaboratively to ensure that funding is channeled appropriately to deserving writers in such a manner that our funders are served and connected to our audience. We also seek to support the profit objectives that our funders have – especially driving the conversation around ideas and issues that are mutually beneficial.

Benefits may include:

  • Adverts and promotions across our channels.
  • Opportunities to host events with us.
  • Free book launches.
  • Brand assets in all our publications.