Itanile publishes our special biannual issue for June/December annually focusing on African experiences by African writers across the globe. We do not particularly restrict content or style, we only ask that you bring on the best of your craft. Our writing platform focuses on Africa and we welcome entries from all over Africa. We offer you a great opportunity to showcase your strength and voice as an African writer. Read more about us here.

Since 2019 we Introduced the Collins Elesiro Literary Prize worth a Hundred Thousand Naira (N100,000). The prize goes to the best entry for the June/December Freedom Magazine. More about Collins Elesiro.

Africa presently drives a lot of important conversations globally. We see and hear these stories but you can make them come alive in a unique way!

Entrants may submit up to 1 previously unpublished poem and up to 3,000 words for fiction and non-fiction. Check specific instructions on the Ongoing Magazine Call for Submission as they may differ.

Simultaneous submissions are accepted. However, if your work is accepted elsewhere, you need to notify us. Work in translation is welcome.

Important Dates & Submission

The first entry period starts sometime in April and ends in May. Anticipated publication is in June/July. The second Magazine entry submission opens usually in October and ends in November/December every year. Anticipated publication is ending of December. (Changes to these milestone dates, will be announced if needed).

NOTE: Identify entries for the contest by adding the appropriate edition of our magazine and the year for example:

  1. #JuneYEAREntry: Your Title
  2. #DecYEAREntry: Your Title

Register, Login, and update your bio/account before you submit. If you have problems with the login, kindly remember to attach your bio and email to the form below. 

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Benefits include:

  1. Cash remuneration of up to N100,000 (One Hundred Thousand Naira). Any change in the value will be announced.
  2. E-Publishing contract worth N60,000 (Sixty Thousand Naira) for the top 3 entries. Read about our epublishing here.
  3. Widespread readership of minimum target 5,000 readers worldwide. Kindly recommend your friends to join our Elite readers here. 
  4. A chance to be Published in the “Freedom” Magazine run by cfwriterz community. The Magazine commences print publication in 2019 and all shortlisted entries would be published.

Winners from African countries outside Nigeria, like Kenya, South Africa, Uganda, or Africans in the Diaspora, must have paypal accounts or must be able to receive paypal funds.


  1. Register on the site using your email or social account to ensure your profile is updated before you submit your entry. Entries without an updated profile will be ignored. Visit the registration page if unregistered. Login before submitting or you’ll get an error message.
  2. Download previous editions of the Magazine from the itanile store to ensure you are familiar with the kind of work we accept.



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    When we invited writers for this Issue, submissions of any theme or genre were welcomed, but especially so for works that explore the concept of journeys through the lenses of travels and tours―what it means to travel, to seek out new places. To write a story or a poem or an essay, writes Garth Greenwell, is to make a claim about what we find beautiful, about what moves us, to reveal a vision of the world, which the writers in this Issue have done with their work.

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  • Prisms cover

    Prisms: Itanile Issue 9

    Sold By : Itanile

    The works featured in the Prism issue have told a variety of truths. In May the Thirtieth, the poet writes, “I come from a place / where we are closest to sunrise”. You, the reader, could argue the veracity of this admittance.

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  • The poems traverse through dirges and nostalgia to arrive at a convention where love is a fleeting thing. The prose – the entire issue, even – beckon the reader to partake of whims, dreams, and dares.

    This collection is free to download and run by a volunteer team, we would appreciate donations from you to keep our doors open throughout the year. Please donate here or message us: [email protected]


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  • The writers in this issue have taken the decision to shape the dialogue of the day by continuing to write. In doing so, these writers have opened new doors to all sorts of conversations about everyday living. They have also given us stories that make us gasp delightedly, cry and laugh. Such was my experience reading them. Through the stories, I was reminded of our shared humanity. I was also prompted to remember our complexities as humans. In the end, I found myself gaining fresh perspectives.

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  • Michael tells of a bastard child and the search for his father. Bamidele’s poem, “Insomnia”, is a quick glimpse into the restless awareness of death. Jeff and Raheela attempt to guide a writer’s hand in the foray of storytelling and publishing. Fatihah talks of love, innocently, simply. Resoketswe engages a bar conversation on suicide; a subject we hate to admit. There’s more.

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