Wings to Fly – An Anthology of African Stories (Dec 2018)

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It’s 2019 and we are celebrating the light of a new year, the joys of literature and our own stories on paper and screen. Wings to Fly – An Anthology of African Stories (Dec 2018) is here. It’s the digital age and stories have evolved in unprecedented ways. Who would have thought Insta Stories would one day be a thing.

In this PDF collection, you get so much fun and stories packed in one book. Riddles, quotes, fiction, nonfiction and lots of interesting facts about writing.

In a time when the reader’s attention is bargained for at a steep premium, we can only appreciate those who pay the price. The Freedom Magazine has featured a lot of Pride, Elegance, Passion and Beauty over the years. 4 editions of our collection has proven that Africa is an expression of love and solidarity to a cause bigger than us.

In this edition, there’s a lot of dark poetry and prose. Without interference from the editorial team, the qualified entries especially in fiction, seemed to have drawn similar battle lines. The stories tackle rape, the battle for gender equality and against gender-based violence. There’s no better time to tackle these issues. In Africa, rape culture and the subjugation of the girl-child have been given free-reigns.

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