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The “Freedom Magazine” is an initiative of cfwriterz literary community. We are a community of writers founded and run by Nigerian team and led by Damilola Jonathan Oladeji. This platform seeks every avenue to promote African writers starting from Nigeria and the “Freedom Magazine” is one of such efforts. We have an audience of more than 6,000 collectively on our social platform and believe that we have a duty to deliver quality to you. In this issue, we feature interviews with top Editors and Writers like Andy Akhigbe, Emeka Nobis and an anthology of our top stories and poems from 2017.

The content for this magazine is a collection of Prize winners in our group writing events (with varying cash prizes), Designed life literary Awards (worth 100,000 in prizes given) and Interview of top writers and editors.

We appreciate every support from readers who love our writers. You can make donations from as little as #100 to any amount you want to give. We hope to use the funds to run more literary challenges and also publish our next anthology from the challenges and group events. We organize training and competitions to help our writers find their bearing and grow in their careers. If you find this cause worthy, please share and donate towards the launch of this anthology. Thank you.

Reviews (3)

3 reviews for Freedom Magazine (September 2017)

  1. Miriam

    Review for Freedom Magazine (September 2017)

  2. Chioma Onyechi

    This is beyond awesome!!!!
    I’ve never really been into poetry but Mr Messenger and my Country Bleeds really caught my attention.

    Sworn Enemy was wow! Never really thought about the animal point of view or how they think.

    The poem “T” made me ask myself “what exactly do i know about the letter T and other alphabets”

    Chains, was rather hilar. It shows how in other to cover up one mess people end up falling into deep “shit”. Blackmail is really evil.

    Weapon, hmmmmm. Who’d have thought object “thinks” hahahahaha. It made me wonder how it’d have been if and object found at a crime seen was made to recounter its on part of the story. Hahaha very funny.

    Monday the 13th, I loved every bit of it, especially how the “barrister lawyer” was struggling to maintain his sanity.

    Blank roses was good too. Sometimes its not really good to assume things. Problems are better off solved if it is spoken about.

    And Lotanna was epic!!! If I can love it all over again, I would.
    The extent a mother goes to protect her child. But then again, would that child be better off without her mother? Taking laws into our own hands isn’t always the answer.

  3. Fatihah

    The CFW Freedom Magazine is a compilation of poems from wonderful poets, pieces from wonderful writers. I had to read it in one sitting.
    Stories that intrigued me like “Lotanna”.
    Poems that were too awesome not to be read like “T” and “the awesome letter A”
    Interviews with successful writers. Winning entries from the weekly challenges.
    It was awesome, guys and I want to guys to enjoy what I did.
    You won’t regret it.

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