Heels of Darkness – Oluwapelumi Falode


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“Heels of Darkness” stands as a light to the overwhelming darkness. The Poetry elicits feelings and emotions on Love, Metaphysical and Religion. The short stories educes the cruel and uneven rawness of love and the paradoxical, but true form of daily contemporary life of an average human filled with trials and everyday challenges especially that of a girl child and various forms of gender and domestic violences in the society. The articles expresses the ideas of right living and fulfilling the demands of the eternal principles of love, justice, equity and stands to call for a society of great and vast solace. Heels of Darkness is an Herald of a peaceful humanity. Every page of this book has its distinct lessons to fulfil the tenets of pedagogy to the reader. You won’t regret engaging your eyes and brain on it, because; Heels of Darkness is Sui Generis.

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