By Oladele Oluwatofunmi

My thoughts keep calling me away,

At exactly 5:20am ,my phone’s buzz Called me back to reality, I was having an exam at 8:00am , I had slept off while studying…

I was lost in my dreams, sitting close to the river bank,where the moon stood still ,and the stars gazing so beautifully at me ,with the cool morning breeze smothered my face with kisses,i could hold the wind ,the scent of fresh By  infiltrating my nostrils ??…

Then I walked a little further away from the river bank, on pebbles giving their  soothing balm to my feet , i arrived at a garden filled with Roses ?, carpet grass and  fruity trees .The trees dancing to the beats of the cool breeze .The garden was so bright with the sun beaming through the clouds ,the birds chirping beautiful music to my ears . The scent of this garden was very much endearing to my soul. Gently my body lay caressing the grass beneath with my eyes gently closed ,my soul gently drifting into a deep sleep.

I was in love with this new world of mine , free from the noise of the real world ?

Just my imagination.

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