Editor’s Note: You may not find another poet who can web a plot through dark and scary ideas, yet building rhyme and Pace. Sayo has done a good job.
Dark Sayings
Sayo Opaleye

What I feared most
Is coming close
I can hear its footstep
Closer and Closer yes it gets
Is it in my head
But why should I fear
I fear what it could do to me
I fear what I could do to it
I fear how I am expected to act

Oh! How painful
The demon is just like before
His piercing eyes
His corrupted mind
His wicked soul
Oh! That soul
The Devils soul

Where are my angels
Please come guide me
My heart is heavy
What else do I do
How do I hide what I feel inside
A murderer am I
Killed so many times in my mind
Am I just like him
That demon, oh how he speaks

My hands shake
He’s right here
Coming back to Earth
From a world beyond
Oh! But I killed again
The demon turning me like himself
But he stares
With that smirk, he stares
With his eyes like a dirge

No! I refuse to die
I will not die
I’ll sing it
The dirge
I’ll write it
The perfect eulogy
On that perfect arc
I’ll write it
The demon; the perfect eulogy