Editor’s Note: Gift does a superb work of imagery, her poetry is a typical beginner’s attempt but it clearly carries the intent of the Poet.
Gift Olagunju

Through the valley of tears,
I walked but you led me on,
given no chance to long for another morning,
softly softly our moans re echoes
then suddenly,
vanished our vows of secrecy.

through the valley of tears,
I walked and i walked alone
ghosts and shadows of the past
plunge at my heart
softly silently i die a million times
leaving a shattered soul with no mercy.

through the valley of tears i walked,
On, u vowed to lead me,
lost in the ecstasy of warmth and pleasure,
softly silently the shadows crept in,
cold as winters tale
taken into oblivion again,
my heart bled with vengeful tears
But i cry not to cry again,
There is a thousand laughter….