United States of Africa


By the River of the Niger, there we sat down

We enjoyed life before we were termed, clowns

We lived in harmony living in our own towns

We never knew sicknesses such as the syndrome, Downs

There we were when the ships came and had us raided

Took us away and had our freedom traded

Made us feel worthless, not knowing our grade

They said we were sinners; for our sins, we have paid

We loved our kings and cherished monarchy

But they made us live their own lives in democracy

Obviously, their decision was ostentatiously hazy

Forcing on us what we disliked, forgetting it was quite dicey


Is not what we need in our nation

We abhor it greatly and that is our notion

For speaking out; putting into words, our emotion

We are peace lovers; we want peace in Africa

Let’s get united to create our own USA

Which is an acronym for United States of Africa

This has been preached by men with initials from Z up to A

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Noel O. Louis

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