Chinua Achebe


Author: Paul Abiola Oku-Ola

My pen refused to write
Even after doing everything right
And going down to plead
Still it refused to give heed

‘Let me lie
That I might be with him on high
Let me journey with the soul
Who made for us a gorgeous stole
Chinua is gone
Why must I live on?’

But I beseech you o pen
Listen before you part from men
Hold your breath
Hear me before you robe death

Chinua is dead
But his course loss not its head
His legacies abound
Though he dwells beyond
His did his part
Before things fell apart
He is gone
But his pen lives on

Rest in peace Achebe
Till we meet at the glorious day

Good night

About the Author


Damilola is co-author of Life's Chrysalis, where he wrote “Rejection: Like Earth to Rain”. His writing has appeared in The Naked Convos, Africa on the Blog, The Guardian News Nigeria, Viva-Naija News, and Tuck Magazine. He also volunteers with PDBY News at the University of Pretoria. Damilola is an IREBS for African Real Estate Research Scholar at the University of Pretoria, where he is a Doctoral Candidate. He is the Head of Media and Strategy at Upside Africa. Damilola won the Biopage essay contest in 2018. He plays the saxophone for leisure.

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