Editor’s Note: Deborah’s writing could compete with the wisdom of Solomon! You would love to read this, trust me.

My Muse! 14
Don’t take anything personal.

Unfortunately we do, we all have huge egos that need constant massaging, so we take everything personal.

Nothing others do is because of you.

We live in a world where people aren’t always nice to one another. Where people use unkind and unloving words to talk to, and about, each other.  Where people are busy living their own realities. Where their actions are a projection of their own dreams, which could be heaven or hell.
Giving up our power by taking their actions personal just makes us victims of needless angst and suffering.

And because, I believe, there is always a better way to deal with negativity, and with those people who spread out these negative vibes, i will rather control what goes on inside of me, than try to control what goes on outside.

When you eventually developed enough courage to stop people
projecting their own negativity into your life, you will get happier.
Do not invest any energy in caring what people think of you and your choices.

So, instead of just reacting when someone pushes your buttons,
please just borrow Don Miguel Ruiz words and say, everything is not about me, BUT IT’S ALL ABOUT THEM! Its their headache.