I’ve found myself a new home,
where I can breathe in oxygen and breath
out carbon dioxide
with no stress in my nostrils nor pharynx.
a home where I can now take naps
and have my worries bleached away
into the atmosphere of rhymes.

Now I have a home,
where I easily flush away
my sorrow down into the soakaway
lying within my lines,
I can now peacefully sleep at night
and have my brainwashed of its worries.

Now I have found love,
my heart has gotten someone to beat for,
and my head now has a reason for it aches,
a love that brings me worry and vanishes
it with joy,
the love that makes me close my eyes,
dream of the days before me and talk
about those after me.

Now I’ve found a new home
where it rooms are divided into stanzas,
now I have a new family,
an Emeka two Emmanuels and a beautiful
who are the watchmen of my footsteps,
and my guardian angels
of the words, I’ve written.

Now I’ve found myself a home,
where words are the walls holding it
where rooms are found in it stanzas,
where I can kill,
kill my worries with my pen and paper,
where I can write down my words
and get my heart lightened of its burdens,
now I’ve found myself poetry
and I’ve gotten less to worry about.


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