Press Release: Book Launch of “Quills from Africa 30: Long Walk to Home” and the Freedom Magazine Second Edition.

They told us that Nigerians are the worst of Africa, so we told them our own stories.

Hatfield, Pretoria, 30th of November 2017

Today it’s Libya, it was xenophobia and death for 26 Nigerian women who attempted to cross the ocean, now buried in Italy. There is only anger and hate for this black nation, we have given Africa the bad name it bears. That’s house the news reports it; the story told by the world and Africans have become little more than inanimate objects on news headlines. There is no voice to show that in Africa and indeed Nigeria still lies humanity, compassion, a desperate desire to thrive like any other. This is why thirty young Nigerians have dedicated their waking hours to crafting stories that would bring you closer to home. If this happens in ripples, if more Africans find one voice and a single heart, then the black man can be remade, capturing the heart of this fearful earth. The stories are simple, they share with you moments and glimpses into hearts not much different from yours.

“Tayo’s lifeless body got swept off the beach and then he realized she was dead, he seemed to lose all his strength and just started to plead as he choked in my hands. I realized quite too late that he was paying way more than the sin he had committed.” – Oladeji Jonathan D. (Sometime in April).

This anthology was curated by Oladeji Jonathan Damilola. He saw an opportunity to empower young Nigerians by building a community of writers. The cfwriterz platform helps young writers to find their footing through a Facebook community, page, and website.

Damilola’s passion for collaborative writing led to his connecting with Monica Kunzekweguta. Monica is the founder of Authors Without Boundaries; the publishing company behind the production of “Quills from Africa 30: Long Walk to Home.” She is a Zimbabwean publisher based in Canada, she saw the beauty of the writing community and offered expert guidance to the publication team.

This book is a product of several dreams, young writers from all over Nigeria and a publisher experiencing the struggles of changing political terrain in Zimbabwe. This project was not in any way impersonal, the book was written by all. The publisher, editor, writers all represent one belief and that is the need to create a new Africa by embracing the stories from Africa.

The Editor is willing to grant interviews and provide review copies to select media outlets. If you would like to contact the writers or publishing team, send an email to [email protected].

Here is the download link for the book. It’s ready for download as an Ebook, paperback purchases would be available on Amazon by Mid-December.

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About the Compiler:

Oladeji Jonathan Damilola is a student at the University of Pretoria, South Africa. He has his Undergraduate Degree from the Department of Estate Management, OAU, Nigeria. His current course; a Masters Degree in Real Estate commenced in 2017 and he writes to fund his studies. Damilola is from Osun State Nigeria, he is a Christian and is a self-development junkie.


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  1. Quills from Africa: Long Walk to Home: PDF download, Amazon Kindle download.
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