Anyone you would ask about book sales would tell you that one sale is determined by so many factors. Bloggers are also a huge part of book promotion these days.We all know that readers are not as enthusiastic as they have always been. Moreover, we are trying out technology; no crisp paper and dank smell of stacked up books.

We have to launch our books by facebook posts, blog releases, and emails. It’s quite cost effective but may not be as “in your face,” as peddling the books physically.

While launching our anthologies and books we have made several efforts to reach larger audiences. The results are trickles. One of the approaches we took was sending our press release to blogging sites.

We understand that this helps us in a number of ways:

  1. Search engine optimizations.
  2. Expansion of our audience.
  3. You never know who is reading.
  4. Definitely sales.
  5. Network growth.

This is why we have also decided to tell compile a list of our top favourite blogs. We believe that they have faith in our work as a platform and we think you should check them out and see what they do.

Here is the list:

  1. Core Magazine
  2. Boss NG
  3. TatafoIjey’s Blog
  4. Syn City
  5. Ayodeji Seyi’s Blog
  6. Jollof Nigerian
  7. Stefn Sylvester Anyantonwu
  8. Deedee’s Blog

There you go! These are Nigerian bloggers all with one common passion which is writing. We have come to realise that the more we are able to connect content across Africa, the greater we become.

We want to remind you at this point that the “Quills for Africa 30: Long Walk to Home,” is still available on Amazon. We would appreciate if you joined us to share these promotions after your purchase. We believe that our content is as original African as it gets and Amazon is a step towards expanding our market beyond Africa. Get a copy here and recommend to readers who use the Kindle reader app also.

You can also plan your next book launch with this strategy in mind. You are not alone in your book promotion and sales, sometimes just ask for help.

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