The unwritten codes of existence dictate that all humans must contend for sameness, equality or balance. The variables of our existence dwell in an unending tug of war; the stronger side wins, but never absolutely. The victory wanes and gravitates to the stronger side per time.

It is high time we dealt and lived with the fact that we will not all be the same, think the same, believe the same or even evacuate the same! There’s always another side, seldom a middle or free zone.

If you are Christian, some other guy is Muslim or Hindu or Buddhist. Deal with it.
If you are male, some others will be female. I hear there’s something called transgender now, there’s that too.
If you are tall, you’ll have to look down to see sometimes.
Up, down, turn after turn goes the seesaw.
There’s so much imbalance in the world as we speak, with the presently marginalized crying in all tones and pitches for emancipation. Some sides seem to have held on to power for too long and this isn’t chewable for the other side.
Top on the list of such is gender. There’s a chant of male supremacy which in reality is true. More men are likely to be sent to school, men are more likely to get certain jobs, some/most cultures favor men, as seen in patriarchal communities. The list is endless.
Another of such is race. The black population has been in constant struggle for as far as I can remember and by the facts available, as far as before I began to remember. Sometimes, the imbalance bites so deep that a white fellow still gets the upper hand in a black man’s country.

So is balance possible, should we even venture into trying? Balance is impossible, true balance. I have never seen the seesaw come to rest in a perfect horizontal line, there’s always a tilt. For the purpose of explanation, the side of the seesaw upwards and in the air is the disadvantaged.
If the seesaw is at full swing at an angle of 45 such that one side is up there while the other is seated down, the only way to reverse or reduce the tilt is to add more to the side up there. If you add too much, you’ll end up not with balance but a reverse tilt.
Maybe a tug of war fits better, the side with more people or strength enjoys more pull and control; when both sides are balanced or almost matched in number of persons or strength, there seems to be an equilibrium.

Having said these, if we are not careful with our strategies and clamoring; we will without fail end up with a reverse tilt. One where blacks dominate whites; boys are neglected for girls. That is not the goal, the goal is balance which indeed is an illusion.

So here is my submission, woo as many as you can over to reduce the tilt. Remember there will always be members on the other side. If your side eventually dominates fully, you are just as bad as the people you spent your life fighting.