Editor’s Note: Are you recovering from heartbreak? There is no better poetry for those who have become stronger.


“Hit me. I can take it.
Just don’t leave me. I can’t make it on my own.
Use me. Whatever you please.
Just don’t turn your back on me.
Call me. Call me whatever you want.
Nothing can hurt me more than watching you walk out the door.

My eyes are red and swollen.
The pillows are soaked with my tears.
This heart of mine is broken.
Only you can make me whole again.

Wherever you go, I will go.
Take the lead and I will follow.
Whatever you want, I will do it.
You just say the word and it’s done.
When you yell I will not say a word.
I will stay still and take it all in.


You’re never wrong.
You’re always right.
How dare I challenge your decisions.
How dare I caution you when you’re the boss of me.”

Was that what you wanted me to say?
Was that really what you wanted to hear me say?

I must have been out of my mind to think  I couldn’t leave.

I let you walk all over me while I put on a fake smile to hide the pain.

I thought I would never break free. I thought I wasn’t strong enough.

I have been wounded but with time I will heal. That’s what band aids are for.

It’s all become very clear.
I lost my identity the day I let you take my crown.

Your scorching words do not hurt anymore.

You cannot break me. I’m shatterproof.

My sanity has returned.
I am robed in royalty.
I know where I come from.
I know who I am.

There was a time.
A time I cried.
A time I got scared.
A time I felt incomplete.

The table has turned. Things have changed.

No longer forlorn. I know my strength.
So don’t you dare hit me.
Don’t you dare lash out at me.
I swear I won’t take it.

I’m not that person anymore.
I know my worth.
Know your limits.