Ice Age, let’s talk about this fun story of a mammoth family and the end of the world.

I woke up one day and decided to write the most beautiful story in the world! Since then I have not been able to stop writing.

Like a verse in a poem. I’d stand and present!

Look at this beauty, the one that makes the reader’s eye twinkle, they man their lamps all night long.

Let me tell you about Squirrels and Nuts. If you have watched “Ice Age”, this should make you start writing obsessively.

In the animation “Ice age,” every character in the story can speak, and they all have a defined purpose. So I thought I loved the Mammoth for his size or the Tiger for his strength or the other bizarre creatures who are always trying to save the world.

We are all Writing to save the world

We all want to save the world when we write and this fills us up with purpose. Suddenly the burden of the world becomes too huge and we go back to being uninspired, empty, boring humans. We are not so sure about storytelling anymore.

Back to Ice Age. Along comes “Scrat” the Squirrel, he has no mission, totally disconnected from the whole “save the world” mission.

Scrat has only one mission and it is to save his nuts. He pops up everywhere, anywhere in the story and he tells a story without saying a word.

He is simply fixated on his nuts, he wants the nuts, and he is drawn to the nuts. The nuts will kill him but he still loves his nuts.

Scrat is obsessed with finding the “Grand or ultimate” nut and dominating that nut. He has nothing to do with the chaos and trepidation around him, he just wants Nirvana! Valhalla! Heaven! The ideal place of endless NUTS!

Scrat never runs out of ideas, Scrat is never sick, he is never broke, Scrat fears no one, fears nothing because he is simply telling a story about his PRECIOUS NUTS.

What is your nut? What would you throw the world away to keep? That thing that catches you so much that people fade out!

That is your story. Go and write it.