Enkare Review’s Complicity in JEKWU ANYAEGBUNA’S Little Entertainment Centre.

“I’ve written letters to all the queer communities I know asking them to identify with my peculiar sexuality but I’ve been roundly rejected.
Why can’t I become as free as a peacock that roams the streets, flapping its flamboyant feathers? When will people like me be added to the queer acronym of LGBTI so as to achieve the LGBTI-P? I’m a proud paedophile, and I’ve always felt this way, and I don’t mind coming last in the ever-expanding acronym”

JEKWU ANYAEGBUNA in “Little Entertainment Centers” 

Up there is an excerpt from Jekwu’s write up published on Enkare Review. Has the wokeness and liberalism come to this stage where we confuse humanity with immorality?

How do you justify paedophillia and juxtapose it with the LGTB? How do you write with all the pride in you excusing paedophillia? Blatantly painting the little bodied humans like the deserved this violation against their bodies? Are children entertainment centers for sick humans with sick sexual cravings? What pleasure and entertainment will you derive from raiding a naive mind and body? A child who still has unanswered questions about the wide blue sky and the depthless seas?

How do you confuse artistic expression and the fluidity and formlessness of arts with a bland thing that tortures the mind? or How do you make it seem that liberalism is all about going round in circles accommodating everyone including perverts and pedophiles? How in hell’s name will you classify pedophilia as a sexuality?

Enkare’s Magazine Publication.

Why will one of Africa’s top literary magazine publish that psychological torture on their site? Have they no regards for rape victims who were violated as children? and who most likely read these stories? Was it the name behind the write up that made them publish it? Or has the world suddenly developed a weird taste for the most absurd things including pedophilia?

Are writers now trying to construe their opinions and shoving it down throats without regards to moral justification? What part of controversial literature justifies this?

We are in the century where serial killers will soon be advocating for a right to murder and some humans will find it the new sassy and cool. Well, I will understand because it never happened to them. As artists, majority of the time we infuse parts of ourselves in our art works and hope the world understands and shares the beauty with us.

Or could this be some closeted pedophilia thingy coming out to surface? Is Jekwu trying to tell us something about himself? Jekwu writing about the paedophillia thingy is not the migraine we’re gnashing our teeth for but Jekwu choosing to glorify it is where the pain is.

Hold on! Tell me that is a satire. That this is not the writers perspective. Tell me that this is not the new cool. Tell me that is arts and literature. All I saw in that write up was child pornography.

No, I won’t shout but I will turn you in to a psychiatrist and tatoo a ‘pedophile alert’ all over your body.
Well, if this is what being woke and liberal is then my dears, like my good friend will say, I am better off being ancient than modern.