There is no room for weakness

We live in a world that requires strength and consistency to move on , there is no room for weakness , no room to breakdown and no room for suicide. For every minute that we spend on pitying ourselves , we lose something and times flies , so much so that we don’t see our own shadows when the light is dim.

When life sways, it sways hard and when pain sweeps through our hearts , it sweeps really clean ,almost taking away our joy ,bringing us to our knees , crippling whatever backbone of confidence, strength , joy that we think we have to rely on . For a minute there we begin to think there is hope after being crippled , but there is really hope afterall , because we cannott allow the tides of life shift us far into the ocean to the point where we cannott reach

Just when we think that we will keep using the wheel chair and being a shell of ourselves, we take a leap of faith and actually drop the crutches and move one foot at a time , because , we know there is no room for weakness and that every breath we take is important , because we know that it is not enough to exist but to live and live well.

And the fighting spirit springs out, we start to feel alive and able , hanging on to the fact that we have survived this far , releasing all the pain and hurt in one deep breath , and exhaling with relief knowing that we can win this fight , telling ourselves that there is no other way but to win and when we stumble , we just dust it off because we know it doesn’t matter , and then the end result is worth it . So we keep fighting and pushing through every current , because now we know , that there is always a wave that can block us , but we do not care anyone do we ? . ‘Bring it on” has become our anthem when we stand in front of the mirror as a way of motivation because we know now that in this world , if we have to be what we are supposed to be , we have to earn it , or work for it , and sometimes fight for it. We do not take for granted when we succeed or get lucky , and we are grateful when we actually achieve a thing . We strongly put our feet on the ground now because we know now that 7THERE IS NO ROOM FOR WEAKNESS