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Welcome to the Chapter 20 Workshop, where craft meets art. At Itanile, we are a community committed to expanding the creativity of African writers through teaching, publishing, and networking. The forthcoming workshop on April 24, 2021, is an initiative to help writers get better with writing.

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Welcome to the Chapter 20 Workshop, where craft meets art. At Itanile, we are a community committed to expanding the creativity of African writers through teaching, publishing, and networking. The forthcoming workshop on April 24, 2021, is an initiative to help writers get better with writing.

Storytelling is evolving. Writing has been a potent tool for triggering and influencing urgent, vital literary conversations. Presently, the words contained on a page do much more than determining the direction of a work of fiction. Writers, across fields, sectors, and job descriptions, are highlighting the importance of storytelling in conveying truth.

About the Workshop:

The Itanile Writing Workshop is an initiative in line with our mission to encourage literary writing within the African space. Itanile is interested in creating opportunities for African writers to hone their skills, share their works, and find community. We believe the one-day workshop is a critical step towards literary development. With the March edition being an inaugural success, April is our 4th edition.

At the Chapter 20 Workshop, we will:

  • Teach you to write more expressively and efficiently.
  • Show you the necessary hacks for captivating an audience with words.
  • Show you the need-to-know on impressing a literary reader;
  • Share with you the possibilities accessible through creative and content writing.

The Outline: The Workshop, hosted on Zoom, will span the length of three hours. Sessions will cut across how to apportion the right measure of value to your work; the necessity of consistency in writing – and in anything worthwhile – and how to sustain it; the strategies of submissions (journals, magazines, contests, agencies, publishing houses); the unspoken truth about writer’s block.

Topics or Issues addressed in our workshops:

We regularly update our focus and seek to pick on some of the most relevant and pressing needs of our writing community. Here are some of our focus topics:

  • Improving your writing style
  • Writing consistently
  • Submit and get published.
  • Truths about writer’s block
  • Monetizing writing
  • Defining a Niche as a Freelance Writer
  • Writing Unique contents
  • Telling Your Audience’s stories
  • Rewriting the popular story, and more

We might not address every topic in one workshop. Every workshop session is curated to address specific needs that writers have and so our speakers, and, topics are carefully selected to help writers achieve specific growth objectives.

The Next Edition

Date: April 24

Time: 4pm GMT+1

Venue: Telegram (Virtual Video)


  • Marline Oluchi is an SEO Copywriter, Screenwriter and Communication Strategist. She writes optimized website copies and SEO-focused blog posts for brands. With proven engagement in global development, gender equality spaces, policy influencing, and advocacy communications, she is familiar with traditional and new media monitoring and engagement. She employs storytelling as the heart of her writing maintaining that stories are the bedrock of every brand, every idea translation, and every solution’s journey. Storytelling is king and should be utilized at all times.
  • Seun Lari-Williams was born in Lagos on 28th April 1987. He is an intellectual property lawyer, poet, and flutist. His first anthology, Garri for Breakfast, was longlisted for the 2017 NLNG Nigeria Prize for Literature. He is a regular contributor to the literary magazine,, and has been at SprinNG literary society since 2018. He is married and currently resides with his family in Antwerp, Belgium.
  • Jeff Ugochukwu Omenyuru was born in a small polyglot town in Bauchi, Nigeria. Growing up, he was fascinated with the mechanisms of difference and how they shape our perceptions and guide us through space, which first led him to writing and continues to inform his storytelling. He is also interested in helping writers close the gap between what’s on the page and their imagination. Jeff mostly writes early in the morning, then sits with other people’s writings through the day, either as a freelance or in-house editor at Itanile Mag.
  • May Ebute describes herself as a writer who loves giving words to her thoughts. She uses the art of storytelling as a medium for changing society by shedding light on pressing issues. She is a contributor with The News Chronicles and a columnist with Life’s Table Magazine. May is a freelance writer with ghostwriting experiences for clients and blogs. As an educator, she engages storytelling to inspire her female students. She also runs a reading and writing club in her place of work where she teaches students who are passionate about writing to write. Her books, The Lost Doll and The Night God Died await publication.

The sessions would be concluded in literary tasks, engaging the lessons shared during the duration of the classes. As is expected of literary workshops, there would be writing exercises, because what is a writer without writing?

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3 reviews for Chapter 20 Workshop, April 2021 Registrations!

  1. Praise Osawaru

    Praise Osawaru (verified owner)

    It was wonderful & insightful. Loved every bit of it!

  2. Timi Sanni

    Timi Sanni (verified owner)

    It was all shades of amazing. I found the lessons very insightful. The facilitators shared practical knowledge and valuable experiences. The workshop was great!

  3. Chiamaka Goodluck Blessing

    Chiamaka Goody Blessing

    It was a great session, thanks @cfwriterz.

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