Yesterday, I was typing a Bible Study Outline for a Church on a PC and the person who brought it was sitted beside me.
“You’re fast in typing ooo” He said.
I looked at him and smiled sheepishly, but didn’t say a word.
“People like you can write tirelessly.” He said again.
I still didn’t say a word, but genuflected instead, showing ‘thank you’.
“You will love writing with what I’m seeing o” He said again.
That time around, I decided to start a conversation with him, which I did.
“Yes, I love writing. I’m a passionate writer” I replied him.
He only tried to tease me, but I turned the tease into a reality.
Right there, we got into a serious conversation that made him ask for some of my works.
I gave him my blog address, he visited it and could say nothing than ‘wow’.
He shook my hands and my little self was blushing too(hehehehe )
“Have you published your own book?”

He asked.
“Not yet!” I answered.
He asked further if I would love to work with an online TV, publish my book, and so many offers.
So I’ve been sitting beside a writer, an author, an OAP, a web designer of which I didn’t know initially.
Then it dawned on me that a closed mouth is a closed destiny. If I’d shut my mouth, pretending to be one gentle as a dove, do you think I would have gotten such a big offer?
You see, there are instances where your outspokenness is highly needed.
In business, every single soul you meet in a day is a potential customer/buyer, so is success to. Every single soul you meet in a day is a potential dream achiever.
It is always good to be reserved, but there are limitations to it. People won’t force your mouth wide open before you talk, it all depends on you.
Don’t look down on anyone, you never can tell how far they’ve gone in life.
You see, telling people what you do is not pride, it is just one of the ways you do to project yourself.
Some people are not even good in what they claim to be professionals in, but what saved them is projection.
Feel free to tell anyone what you do. Don’t be too shy to the extent that you chase away successful folks away from yourself.
Don’t find comfort in solitude all the time, associating with people helps you a lot.
Learn how to start a conversation with a stranger, you tend to learn, relearn, and unlearn.
Note this: No one would ever bring success to your doorstep, you have to chase it. Success is hard, failure itself is hard.
# MissEunice