Men live to die; that’s uselessness,

But you Chinua, live, die, only to relive.

Elegy we will write,

Dirge humanity will sing tirelessly,

For to mourn you Achebe

O! What sweet pleasure we gain.

People thought you were dead,

Not knowing that it was your body,

Our gratitude will till tomorrow flows,

Thanking you for having paved the way,

Though our naked eyes cannot see you,

But our sincere heart does;

For it’s unwise for Christianity to forget Peter,

For those south Negros to forget Nelson,

And if history tries such with you,

We will remind her,

That when things falls apart,

We should try not to be at ease,

To avoid the nubs of life,

And if it is this life,

You came, saw and conquered literally.

My regards to Pep, Okeke and Odum,

Whose vibrant bones sleep noisily,

In the catacombs of hopeful hope,

Tell them that we are yet to have a Joshua,

Tell them that we still on our way home,

That their desire is still ours,

That when time ripens,

That we longed hope for,

We will achieve impeccably. —–

Name: Ugwu, Lawrence Sunday (LSU)

Email Address:[email protected]