uncertainties poem

Our World of Uncertainties

Life is a mall of chances

Set with ranges of choices

A survival for all a sundry

To carve a future that starry


All exist with the crave for love and money

For an abode flowing with milk and honey

A world of uncertainties we live in

Nothing is certain we bleed


In the casino or on the street

Our choices are a gamble

Forthwith to success or a denial of it

We rise, we fall, we tumble


Products of actions and inactions we are

To giving and misgivings, we bear

A wish to live our intent desires

A hope to reach our aspired spire

About the Author


I am a passionate writer, with a major focus on the society, it's beauty and it's flaws. I am ardent lover of football and a fabulous sound engineer. I graduated from Obafemi Awolowo University, where I studied Chemistry .

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