By Izunna I. Okafor

With our pen we speak,
Not that our voice is raised at peak.
The ink outpoured by Pengicians
Appears like rays of stars in the bans of magicians

Who brought the pen to the earth
with which the men have grained and breathe
The lower ones are great at lens
Crawled before but now slate the fence

The cap of knowledge from which intellectuals tap
Flowing endlessly as it crawls around with gap
The papers obey her rule
Heeding to every drop if the blue

I blaze and graze when I smell the grains it creates
My pen my pen oh I bow in the midst if flames, thou art great.

I love my pen I love my pen
In the midst of men,
oh we raise our pen.

Izunna I. Okafor is award winning creative young Nigerian Writer, blogger, essayist and poet who hails from Anambra State. He is a student of Nnamdi Azikiwe University who has written and published  many books and articles and also has so many poems and short stories to his credit. He writes in both the English and Igbo Languages and has published in both languages. He has won and been nominated for various Awards and is a member of and a leader in various writers associations.