You see avarice turn into a pool and jump in hastily. Have you forgotten that even too much of sweetness brings forth dire consequences?


I can see his eyes stray from mine. He tries not to make it obvious that I lure his optic nerves and hold his irises but fails every time. Questions stab my mind like daggers piercing the belly. Does he hate me already? For marrying his sixty-two-year-old father? For being so young and unpredictable? For being gorgeous yet mysterious? For marrying his father months after the demise of the old man’s wife? Well, that was easy. That last one. She had to leave the road for my truck of plans to pass freely. We thank God.

The eyes can speak and Khalid’s echo hatred. I’m not baffled. I don’t care. If marrying a man I don’t fancy would help my revenge, nothing else matters.

Ahmad’s daughter, Halima is staring at me. Her eyes are blank and her Poker Face reads nothing. I’m sure she knows too that I’m only twenty-five years old. Their family should’ve sought refuge in Our creator from me. I have a mission and nothing, nothing can stop me.


Dawn hasn’t dared to take over. It is hours away as midnight darkens the sky. Sleep doesn’t find me, so I step out of our room – mine and my new husband’s. I slowly pace the living room, restructuring my plans before advancing into the kitchen. Lately, I’ve been receiving notes that get slipped into my room only when Ahmad isn’t home. Threats that can’t derail my plans. Had Ahmad’s children stopped the wedding, calamity might have evaded them. Now is too late. My laughter fills the kitchen as I pull open the fridge and pour myself a glass of Valentino – and almost choke on hearing his coarse voice behind me.

‘You’re awake, as usual.’

‘Yes?’ I say to Khalid, as I compose myself. ‘What do you want?’

‘Why did you marry my father, Summayah?’

I turn back to my glass and drink slowly. I pour myself another glass and drink slower than the first time. Khalid’s breathing is uneasy, and I love it. ‘It is May.’

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