listen to me, heaven is not that far away
close your eyes and maybe you will see
that heaven is not a grounded place
but it is where sunlight meets sea

& it is the joy deep in your heart
the reality you make of a dream
the sanity screaming when all else is mad
it is the glittering sliver upon a stream

heaven is not the result of any made religion
it has always been with you since your birth
deep inside your heart, you feel the definition
that heaven is the breath you draw upon earth

the person you love, the softness of your pillow
the smell of the morning air, and your best meal
the colors of the rainbow, red, green, blue, yellow
the beat of your heart when deep things you feel

listen to me, heaven is not that far away
it is a flower blooming in the wilderness
and yes, heaven is every blessed single day
the smile on the pathway to nothingness.

© Funkekeme Akposeye