Elegy of a Boy who fell off the Cliff.

Below the white linen on the medical barrow are putrid wounds;

Of torn flesh, smashed marrows and stretched meat.

The ruins and remains of a fall from four ten feet

Of a faceless boy who tipped off the cliff bounds;

Down through into dark hollows of a loveless pit.  


Beneath the blood-covered skin;

Multiple bone-twists and cracks in the white wall.

Tonight, this song must arrive the town hall

For this sight of gore is to the eye, a sin.

Tonight, the devil’s wife must merry on some sweet gin.  


Save the broken bones and leaking ligaments,

Deliver it in a chocolate box.

Tell the preacher, “a gift from candy rocks”

And that for the tears, death has paid a hundred cent.

Need not be for a mourning garment under a widow’s tent.  


Again on this cold stormy night,

Death has walked the land

With sorrow, pain and the rest of his band.

Let us start the black-kiss ritual, for fate, we cannot fight.

Sing aloud the song of the boy who fell off such great height.  


Now Fate fades away in the shadows

Like an innocent child carried away by the gentle sea.

Sing not to a boy who fell “whatever will be will be”

For the pains of a broken heart is the walking-dead’s key.  


Let every man and gentle lady guard their heart.

The sermon says “to keep a soul-smile and soar high”               (sobs…)

Let this be the verse of a little boy who fell in love;

Shot by a shockwave; unable to glide through the cliff’s-curve

And In turn, fell so deep off the cliff

For love…Oh love- did break his little wing.