Ìyàwó mi Awèlewá (To my wife Awèlewá)

I know how the stars are made. 

    Not by the tales of history or drawings of the extraordinary,

    Not by the heavenly dust that allegedly created humans. 



    It started when your eyes shone so bright that it sent tiny sparkles to the sky 

    Causing bright beautiful dots in the middle of vast darkness 

Awèlewá omo agbolé apónréporé (Awèlewá, the one from the household of fair beauties)

     The patterns of your stretch marks is the road that led our ancestors to freedom 

 Omo olóyin tí n dèrùbà Igi ewúùro (The one made from honey that scares the bitter leaf)

     The plumpness of your lips has distracted Adífálà(diviner) from seeing the revelations of the oracle. 

Awèlewá omoge àtúndá ti olori Oya (Awèlewá, the young lady from the lineage of Queen Oya)

     The flapping of your tummy is the stepping that climbs my heart 

     Oníìdí pelebe bíì igi pákó(The one with flat buttock)

      I heard Ajala is on another world tour and you are the reason

Ìyàwó mi Awèlewá 

      It often baffles me how you question the beauty and essence of your beautiful body. 

       Or don’t you know? 

     How the flowers blossom when you smile 

     How you make the ocean sand pure and white 

    How your short curly hair makes the wind whisper 

‘Awèlewá,ìwo gangan làyànfé olódùnmaré ’(Awèlewá, you are truly the beloved of the Almighty)

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