I know I should not be meddling with similes and figurative expressions,

So as not to attract the progenitors’ aggression;

But these expressions have put me in a state of confusion,

Which has led to the conception of so many questions.


A problem shared is a problem solved,

Why then does my problem escalate when people get involved?

The patient dog eats the fattest bone;

But what if the bones finish before it gets to the patient dog’s turn?


As sweet as honey;

Yet, nothing is as sweet as the sonorous beep of credit alerts.

First come, first served;

Why then are we no longer served with respect to our time of arrival,

But with respect to who we know or how much we are willing to pay?


They say that practice makes perfect;

And yet we still say that no one is ever perfect,

Why then do we practice to be perfect,

When no one is ever going to be without defect?


Spare the rod and spoil the child;

But should this same rod be used to kill the child?

As knowing as the stars;

And I cannot but wonder what it is that the stars know?

You cannot eat your cake and have it;

But what if we divide our cake in two?

Have one and still eat one?

We have been told to follow the river and we’ll find the sea;

But what if we drown before we get to see the sea?

They say barking dogs seldom bite;

Yet, one wouldn’t dare go near a barking dog at night.

Who is ever going to give answers to my questions?

Or am I going to be left to drown in my pool of confusion?