Eleven Forms of Death

the sun will try to walk

your body into fired clay

as you scribble your emptiness

in the pain of a dying dog.


the night turns a name

into a soft prayer.


bodies float in streams

in search of fear.


silence is also broken

by thoughts of men.


you drink your griefs

as a husband’s fury breaks

your skin into red-waters.


death is a silent response

to the call of memories,

you leave when your breath

is called.


sometimes birds are afraid

to take off,

a hungry boy finds his way home

in the eye of a mob.


open a mother’s heart

and paint the sky with scars.


to live,

a girl watches the sun

rise in her thighs.


one day you forget

to wake up.


death gives men wings

to fly into solitude.

About the Author

Mbanefo Chibuike

Mbanefo Chibuike is a native of Abatete in Anambra State, Nigeria. He is fascinated by what happens to bodies; some love, then there's hate, leaving and death.

He lives & writes from Awka and his stories, poems on strange illnesses in Africa, societal flaws, love and death have been shortlisted or appeared in Okigbo Poetry, Poets In Nigeria Journal, Dwart Magazine, CFW Magazine and some other online writing platforms.

47 thoughts on “Eleven Forms of Death

  1. I HV never doubt how much u can play with Biro,hence the ink can undergo the stress of constant flow…your constructive ability I salute..👮

  2. This is amazingly great… Deep breath at last, momentary thought of death.
    Would like to have more of your works Mbanefo

  3. Chibuike, the wit of your brain and the dexterity of your fingers are of another realm. Keep the pen flowing.

  4. Eleven forms of death, full of insight, interesting.. Keep up the good work Mbanefor Chibuike

  5. This is Simply Amazing. Nice use of words.
    I know you’re getting this prize. Congratulations.

  6. Wow…your writeup is amazing and fascinating boss…keep it up…looking forward to more of your works boss

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