First, we had the problem of handling so many entries via email. A lot of writers want to get published here. So we decided to create a uniform system so that admin would work easily and accept your story easily. Now we have submissions that are sometimes not up to standard or a lot of entries that only show the writer’s face. So I am going to quickly summarize some of the things we expect from writers. This is how you can deliver the kind of quality expected on this platform.

  1. Create a Writer’s Profile:

    Usually, the moment you arrive here, you would be added to a subscription list. New posts get to you via email, that is different from when you want to send in a post. If you intend to write your stories on this platform, you should register as a user (Check top left corner of the site). This allows you to edit your profile. Register and edited your profile. Remember to add your bio and profile picture. This means that every time your entry is published, your picture and bio shows at the end. Some readers are impressed and this helps them find you easily. So don’t add your picture to your posts again.

  2. Submit entries: Now that you have created your profile and you want to start sharing, here are some tips to using the SUBMISSION PAGE:
    1. If your story is divided into plots, try to use some nice looking symbol to separate them. Don’t just ******* asterisk anyhow, if you will use the asterisk, then make it the same number or length. You can also use a single asterisk, then centralize it, so it shows the break.
    2. Search for images on free image sites and use them as your uploaded image. Don’t use your face or headshot. Look for images that represent your story or entry.
    3. Tags, these are relevant keywords that describe your entry. Separate them with commas and they can be at least three or more but not up to ten. Make sure they describe your major ideas.
    4. Ensure you proofread your entry for errors before posting because some entries are outrightly rejected when the typographical errors are too much. Get Grammarly or any other editor.
  3. Like and Follow the facebook page: This will help you to know when your entry has been published. Share with your friends and followers to let them see your work. You can put us on “see first” by checking the follow button on the Facebook page, this ensures that you never miss any of our posts again. It’s important that you share your published stories with others to let them know what you do as a writer.
  4. When writing poetry, ensure it’s not just one short verse except if it has won you some gold or something. We appreciate entries that would engage the reader for long enough to appreciate your work.
  5. Add links to your blog or Facebook page:

    You can hyperlink some part of your entry to let us know that you posted it elsewhere. Also in those other places, put the link to your entry when it has been published. For example, on your blog, you can add a sentence like “this story has also been published on cfwriterz” and then hyperlink it to our site. This helps us to promote your work and your platforms.

Finally, I know there are some words and phrases I used in this guide that may sound strange to you, but that is exactly why Google exists. Just take a few minutes to peruse this post and understand how you can make the reader experience on this platform more beautiful. If you are not satisfied with the explanations, just shoot me an email. [email protected]