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TSS Publishing U.K. recently shared a handsome review of the third edition of the Freedom Magazine. This review by James Holden provides a balanced critique and applause for the literary genius of the authors.

We are excited to share this news with you! The cfwriterz team, in June 2018, published the third issue of “Freedom Magazine.” This biannual Magazine has been promoting African Storytelling for the past two years and more.

James lauds the magazine as a successful free magazine. 

My clear favourite here was Last Days by Amynah Dauda, which starts as a reflective piece on deadlines, before slowly spinning out to cover terminal illness, ambition, infidelity and parental relationships. – James Holden

Read the full review here

Notes to Readers about Wrong Author Credits

While receiving responses to the magazine, one of the authors had been wrongly credited for the poem “Haunted.”
Fatimat Okhuosami’s work “Haunted” had been wrongly credited to “Jim Blessed” who wrote the short story “Wings.” The editorial team apologizes to the author and takes full responsibility for this error. 

In light of this, readers are encouraged to download the corrected Magazine. 

Team Updates towards the December Magazine

The call for submissions for the December Magazine will soon be out. The team has had notable achievements in literary advancement. These include
Oladeji Jonathan D. (cfwriterz founder) winning the Biopage Essay . Also, Michael Emmanuel is a finalist for the Quramo Prize. These highlights some of the ideals of human capacity development reflected in the cfwriterz vision and mission. The platform not only promotes African stories but the values of youth development, and capacity. This is why
SOBCA Academy is sponsoring the December Magazine Award. The academy is a corporate entity that aims to be AFRICA’S FIRST AND BEST PREFERENCE FOR MENTAL & EMOTIONAL SOLUTIONS. 

This partnership with SOBCA is one of the numerous ways African literature receives support from all over the world. The cfwriterz platform receives strategic collaboration from donors, sponsors and businesses who would like to support writers from Africa.

The platform invites Authors, Writers, and Poets to submit their works and be featured. Cfwriterz is leading the front line towards disseminating beautiful African literature. Join the community by subscribing to this website and following our social community