About cfwriterz:

Cfwriterz started in Nigeria in 2016, it emerged from being a small literary community on Facebook. The platform eventually became a full Magazine site and digital book publisher. It has since engaged, supported and groomed creative writers all over Africa. Cfwriterz is a place where young and emerging African writers can publish short stories, poetry and long-form non-fiction. Authors can now easily distribute ebooks on the cfwriterz store.

We’re not yet able to pay contributors and we aren’t paid either. Any funding or income we receive goes towards production costs, distribution and our website. We offer thorough editing and good design. Also, we work hard to make sure the Freedom Magazine travels far and wide. Literary sites like TSS Publishing, Pelleura, Okadabooks, Amazon and others have 
have featured  reviews, opinions and copies of the Magazine.

The Community

Our writers have won and been shortlisted for writing prizes. Some of these prizes include the Awele Creative Trust Prize for literature, Quramo Prize, Biopage International Essay, and lot’s more. A lot have gone on to publish poetry and short story collections, nonfiction books, and articles. We are happy to provide references. Most of all, we want to see new stories told by new writers, edited and laid out to make them shine. We also hope to create a magazine that is surprising and satisfying to read.

Website cfwriterz.com

Facebook  facebook.com/creativewriterz

Twitter @cfwriterz


  • We accept work from African writers of any background, and/or residence.
  • We accept work in English Language.
  • Our maximum word counts are 3000 words for pieces of fiction, and 3000 words for non-fiction and 30 lines for Poetry.
  • Please send us up to one poem at a time but adhere to the prescribed length. Multiple entries are not allowed.
  • We prefer to receive original work, i.e. work that has not been published before. If your work has been published before, please indicate how, where and when.
  • We’re happy to publish excerpts from books, scripts, etc. Please indicate whether your submission is an excerpt from your book.
  • Similarly, translations are welcome, as long as the source text and author is credited.

This year’s Prize of #100,000 goes to a single top literary piece from any genre; fiction, poetry and nonfiction. SOBCA Academy sponsors this year’s award prize. SOBCA provides Trainings; Anger Management, Emotional Intelligence and Mental Health. SOBCA coaches are professionally certified therapists and counsellors. They have successfully helped a lot of young people maximize their capacity, fight mental health issues and be more productive in their workplaces and family lives.


Check the general submissions page to submit and get further info. There is a change in the timing of the magazine due to uncontrollable circumstances. The deadline for submission is now 20th Nov 2018. The theme for this edition is “Wings to fly.”

Editors will select and publish a long list within a week after end of submission. The judges will read through and select the shortlist while readers would simultaneously be allowed to vote for 1-2 weeks. The site will announce titles accepted for the Magazine and the winning entry sometime in late December or Early January 2019. Continue to submission.