There was a post on the CFW GROUP about writer’s being creators, I promised to address Falusi Opeoluwa on her comment:

“when I was very young, I loved to write. At the age of eight, I wrote many undelivered letters, wrote anything in words, I loved it. At the age of nine, I wrote my first story(though never published). All I wanted to do was compose things myself in words and I’m glad, that love for writing didn’t die. What made me a creator was my undaunted mind, even though I was often dissuaded and discouraged by people that surrounded me, granny’s word helped me a great deal, “don’t stop, your pen is healthy and wealthy”. That made me choose to be a creator.”

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Be Persistent, Be Consistent and Always Show Up.

#writers find that written words help us perform better and we usually help others put things in perspective.
#Publishing is now easy and even free, you need to make a decision about publishing on established platforms and publishing by yourself. Most times I advise people to build their own blogs and start from there.
#Persistence is key, your journey may take 5 days or 5 years. Just keep showing up.
#Support and Critics, they should always be constant companions to writers. They help you remember why you do what you do.

Have you had issues with publishing? Support? Critics? Persistence/Procrastination? How did you handle them?