10 African Bookstagram Accounts You Should Follow

A common misconception is that Africans don’t read. However, trends like bookstagramming have proved otherwise. Africans read and their social media platforms reflect their passionate love for books.

A bookstagram is an Instagram account dedicated to showcasing everything bookish. This involves: reading challenges, book hauls, reviews, tours, events, and swoon-worthy book photoshoots!

It is a great way to showcase one’s specialty, and expertise, or to even market a blog or business if you have one.

The trend has connected literary communities, challenged gatekeepers, and helped sell books which may otherwise have been ignored.

Here are 10 African bookstagram accounts you should follow.

1. @thatothernigeriangirl – Nigeria  ‌

2. @kenyanbibliophile – Kenya

3. @africanbookaddict- Ghana

4. @ilhamreads – Chad

5. @nourstuckinabookstore – Algeria

6. @phrasesandpages – South Africa

7. @cyrinereads – Tunisia

8. @kweeninpages – Ugandan

9. @ilhaanreads – Somalia

10. @tuduontumetse – Botswana

The most beautiful advantage of  bookstagram is the sense of unity it fosters. An entire community of bibliophiles desperate to share their favourite reads with the world can now do so with ease. Bookstagram allows an avenue for connection and comfort with like-minded bookworms all around the world.

So, log on to Instagram and explore the world of bookstagrams.

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