a thousand nocturnal voices

& a hundred homeless thoughts

seek solace in my head

each holding a beacon —

each wanting to construct bridges

but I —

I only know how to burn bridges

& hang down a tree and cut the rope — freedom

I do not know how to hold on — to

liquid metals,

empty promises, muffled imageries — like

imaginations teasing the merging of marginalized nations,

I do not know how to knit love songs into

rainbow threads or thorned roses

I do not

know how to silence

the. war. in. my. head.

I am neither the war, nor the victim

just a lover-boy, despicable,

despised by love. I think

I love Love:

when I say I love you, I mean

— flowers, and diamond rings

rubies, and love notes

songs like blue hawaii 1961

I can’t help falling in love with you —

all day I sip Don Williams, and

I wouldn’t want to live if you don’t

love me,

but you,

would you say you love me too?

till then, single is a noun

it is my name.