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Live Webinar with Monica Kunzekweguta – Writing and Your Mind

It’s been part of the cfwriterz goals to bring learning and networking opportunities to writers in the cfwriterz group. We recently got connected to Monica Kunzekweguta; the CEO of Authors without boundaries. She has inspired a lot of people with her work and what resonates with me the most is her love for collaboration among African writers. This was one of the reasons we birthed the cfwriterz platform and she has helped us by sharing some of her experiences as a writer and publisher. This webinar was hosted and produced to help writers understand some benefits of writing their stories.

Despite the fact that she got a last minute offer to attend a training, Monica promised to make the webinar session possible and she did. The Live video is available for download here and you can also join the Facebook group to participate in subsequent events.

Some Webinar Highlights:

Here are a few things you stand to gain as a writer.

  1. Better Judgment/Perspective: It helps you to view your story from a different perspective and you start to realize that you may have not judged things fairly.
  2. Moving forward: She mentions that sometimes our stories hold us back. things that have happened in the past give us a sort of fear of being who we know that we should be and we can overcome by sharing these stories.
  3. Start somewhere: Monica explained that she started writing in 2014 and just that one chapter she wrote in an anthology turned out to become a big part of her journey into speaking and publishing. Writing opens business opportunities for you.

for the rest of the session, you can click here to get your exclusive copy of the video


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Find his personal blog, training resources, services, and portfolio on jonathanoladeji.com.

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