The Judging Panel>> for the 2016 #EtisalatFlashFictionAward regrets to announce that the Flash Fiction Prize will not have a winner and runners up this year as none of the entries met the criteria of quality and creativity required to win the award. #2016EtisalatFlashfiction

As at the time the voting for the contestants started, a lot of entrants complained about the failure of the voting site. Several people shared their links with their friends and the voting system continued to prevent the voters from supporting their choice, this error with the site was not addressed till the voting was concluded.

Etisalat has not only put their own credibility to question by this kind of stunt, they have made it clear that the voting system is not really a sensible approach towards judging literary works. Some of us have applied to entries on international platforms and hardly would you find any of such using a voting system, it is clear that the team behind the Etisalat Flash fiction need to take time to review their methods.