We have a Winner for the last episode of our Story Prompt, her name is Joy Vincent.

Here is the Prompt: You are locked in a room with your greatest fear, tell us how you escaped.

Her Story in 150 words:

I felt much pain on my neck again. The cut on my foot was bad. I felt blood as I caressed it with my hand. This is a nightmare and I can’t wait to wake up from it. I convinced myself. It was terribly dark. I was scared and alone. My heart was beating quite uncontrollably. I touched the floor and felt the tiny sharp objects that prevented me from crawling any further to find an escape route somewhere. I glanced up at the ceiling only to see two yellowish eyes glaring right at me! What animal is that and for how long has it been there? I asked myself. Immediately it made a sound, ‘meow’. ”It’s a bloody cat!” I couldn’t help but scream. I hastily searched for a way out not minding the sharp objects that cut me . Finally, I located a door and fled.

My name is Joy Vincent.
I am a student.
Writing is my passion.
My social accounts are, Instagram- gozzy_vin
Snapchat- jovvylv
Facebook username is Joy Vincent, Facebook page is also Joy Vincent. Thanks.