Hello Creatives,

Its a beautiful day and we know you would be pleased about this information. The CFW Freedom Magazine Maiden Edition is out. It can be downloaded as a PDF document or on the Okada Book App.

We need you because you are also a stakeholder in the promotions. So you can copy the cover design in this post and share across social media platforms.

Here are the few things we need from you:

1. Join the CFW Group on fb and like the CFW page Link:  this would make our social campaigns easier. We will continue to update you on new Magazine editions, writing jobs and contests we organise.

2. Share the links to the Downloads on your wall and let your friends and family get their copies. On the website, we have a free download option while we also allow people to donate and support the community. Here are the links:

Okada books

Website (PDF) 

3. We would also want you to register on the cfwriterz.com website and join a host of other writers in self publishing. We feature your works on our site and promote the site till your work is found by those who would value it. Our hope is that we serve as the platform where freelance writing jobs are outsourced in Nigeria so your input would definitely help us and at the same time it would serve your desire to make some cash from writing.

Finally, we appreciate your effort from the inception of this project till this moment and we wish you happy new month.

PS: The Okada Books version is clearer on PC but may be a bit small on Mobile.



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