The fact that stories can catch on quite quickly makes it difficult to appreciate those ones who may have almost discarded their manuscripts. I know a lot of writers can relate with this journey. GTB has given a platform (The Dusty Manuscript) that recognizes the agonizing process a lot of us go through. This process breaks you and might nearly kill you.

There are probably a million manuscripts gathering dust in computer folders and closed drawers. “I have a story to tell,” we excitedly tell ourselves, then we kick off scribbling the most exhilirating narrations of our humanity. We complete this first draft and it suddenly becomes a mess of doubts and second guessing. Again you realize no one even wants to read your stories and if you will publish, it would take the rest of your life trying to save the money for the right printing, PR and all the necessary leg work. This is why most stories go from first draft to dusty manuscript.

Kukogho Iruesiri Samson is one example of an author whose limitations have not stopped him from giving his best to writing. Once Editor at Pulse Nigeria and currently C.E.O at Words Rhymes & Rhythm Publishers he has built a community that gives voice to emerging writers all over the world and Nigeria. This award is well-deserving.

An excerpt from “Devil’s Pawn;”

Simon woke up panting. He sat up and noticed the wetness in his boxers immediately. He touched it. It was sticky. Part of it had dried to his skin and flaked away at his touch.


It was just a wet dream, it’s nothing more.

He heaved a sigh of relief, and his heart gradually braked to normal. Though it was extremely relieving to think that it was just a wet dream, a certain part of him was not convinced.

Not after the way he had felt in the dream.

Devil’s Pawn was a series posted on sometime in 2014. The editor described it as “a story of death, love, politics and the metaphysical.” After 4 years of this series appearing on Student Pulse section, Devil’s Pawn has emerged as the winning entry for the GTB “Dusty Manuscript” Award. The award is worth #1Million cash and a publishing contract. Now who says the patient dog doesn’t eat the fattest bone? The wait was definitely worth it. Devil’s Pawn is available on Okadabooks. We are happy to see Samson get this recognition he deserves.

“The winning entry was a unanimous choice…The story is the best example of the possibilities inherent in genre fiction switching from crime to adventure, thriller to horror. Told in a fast paced narrative style that keeps you glued to the pages, our winning entry is a gift that keeps on giving.”
– The Dusty Manuscript Contest Judges’ verdict on DEVIL’S PAWN