Storytelling remains one of the most effective marketing strategy people and brands leverage in the digital world today. In a world where the average attention span is less than twelve seconds, it is only right that you learn how to tell stories properly. We all have stories to tell, and you’re included in that statistics even if you think you can’t tell a good story to save your life.

Storytelling isn’t just limited to novels, neither is it a thing that only entertains you, it is how we are wired and it largely influences all facets of life. Storytelling is the element that distinguishes an ordinary TED talk from the life-changing ones you keep going back to. It’s why you’d sit happily for five hours under a riveting pulpit sermon, and doze off at the thirty minutes ministration by Brother Calistus. The reason why the competition won that presentation over your company owes largely to storytelling.  Sadly though, not many understand how it works. Fortunately, though, that’s not you, at least not anymore, you’re here and that’s about to change.

What would change if you could hold people spellbound using the power of storytelling? Imagine how many lives would be transformed by that idea you haven’t gotten around to articulating all these years. You’d sell out easily, clients’ positive reviews will troop in more because they can relate to your well-crafted analogies, and you’ll get a better understanding of emotional hooks that empathizes with your clients.

Want to learn how to tell life-changing stories? The Chapter 20 workshop is the right place to be at.

This workshop will walk you through how to explore your deepest writing potentials, and help you in navigating your writing journey successfully. You’d find your own voice and flair. Ultimately, it will present you with the privilege to access the minds of some of the best content writers, editors, and copywriters you can find around.

Still wondering what the workshop is all about? Don’t miss out on this life-transforming framework that’s guaranteed to help you:

  • improve your writing style
  • write consistently
  • submit and get published
  • handle writer’s block
  • monetize writing

What’s more? You get to learn the ropes on how to define your niche as a writer and communicate information to your audience in the best way possible.

The workshop is slated for 24th, April 2021. Time is 5PM (GMT +1).

Register today and learn the simple storytelling framework big brands use to sell effectively.