Lagosynthesis: Lagos as a verb and way of life.

Collar Workers,

Blue & White alike

Look forward to

Several sips of sunset

& a cup of free road.


Fragile. It often falls and


Into go-slow.


When you see women and men

Molt like Tears of Wine

& forget tiredness to fight

For standing space in red buses

& the skeletal

Signature white buses


When you see genders morph

& can’t distinguish between the barrister

& the hawker

The conductor and the conducted,

You would need no one to tell you

Lagos is beyond an intoxicant;

It is on a recurring quest of

who is more Lagos than the other?

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Bamidele Aiyejina

Aiyejina Bamidele is in love with all things 'blank'. A blank page, a blank Canvas, and a blank Terminal. He writes poetry, short fiction and personal essays. When he isn't daydreaming of hitting the billionaire mark before 26, you'd catch him on Kobo or Photoshop.

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