Love Is The Religion

They know love is the Religion.
They know love is the ammunition
for false affiliation.
They despised its acclamation
and joyfully embraced abomination.
They understood love is an acceleration
but they chose to align with affliction.

They know love is no tweak.
They were there when love speaks
about the sweet harmony on the peaks.
But they ignored the leaks
and chose to suffer for weeks.
They understood love is a freak
but they left its cover to blindly seek.

They know Altruism is the Tribe.
They know Altruism can never subscribe
to the disrupter of a good community called a bribe.
Altruism, a perfect love scribe,
and a perfect announcer of love vibe.
Even when all of these was transcribed
they still chose to proscribe.

They are Africans,
yet, some say they’re Anglicans,
some say they regret not to be Americans,
some deeply crave to be Dominicans,
some want to be like the Mexicans,
and others crave to dwell among the pelicans,
even after they’ve destroyed the love and altruism in Africa.

Love calls,
Altruism calls,
for greater walls.
Love and Altruism is the pitfall
for any form of hatred likened to a rainfall.
Africans hear the recall
and fall back for continuous install.