A Collection of Golden Poetry


“Honest art will open the doors of more than a few hearts, and this is a fact recognised by Ada Esom. In ‘A Collection of Golden Poetry’, the Dark Fiction and Astrology enthusiast reels out eleven poems that explore the human condition from a more internal perspective. In this body of work, the author of ‘Daemoniac’ and ‘All She Wrote’ talks about  life from the lens of a jaded lover, a lonely soul, a scared youngster and a long-silenced woman.

“‘Maleficent’ takes after a fantasy movie from years prior but could just as well be illustrating the image of a no-nonsense woman, ‘Sixteen Candles’ is a poem about yearning for an absent lover, ‘The Ghosts of Yesterday’ tells the story of an individual caught in the vice grip of painful past memories, while ‘Gleeful Captive’ and ‘Unabashedly Yours, Truly’ put in succinct detail what it means to fall hard in love even in the face of uncertainty.”


p style="text-align: right">Jerry Chiemeke, winner, 2017 Ken Saro Wiwa Prize for Reviews.

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A COLLECTION OF GOLDEN POETRY is a collection of free and rhyming verses written over time and finally gathered and documented into one whole body of fine poetry.

It’s contents are of an eclectic variety ranging from a verse inspired by a movie, to poems inspired by real life observations, pure imaginations and deep musings. From MALEFICENT to BRAVE SOLDIER, A COLLECTION OF GOLDEN POETRY offers poetry par excellence for veteran lovers of poetry and creative writing to the fresh bloods.

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Ada Esom is a well-versed literati, based in Niger state, Nigeria. 

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