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Listen for a minute, will you? are you addicted to writing?

I was told I was a risk by a foreign publishing company.

It meant that I couldn’t be trusted to rake in money for them.

I didn’t let it slip. I refused to be depressed. I decided to choose myself.

I decided to become addicted to my gift of writing. I refused to depend on social likes and validation but kept working my hands on the laptop. I learned along the way, made mistakes, adjusted, and became better.

Above all, I dumped the idiotic paradigm that writing couldn’t earn for me. It’s really idiotic to listen to folks who aren’t engaged in an enterprise, dishing pieces of advice based on what they assumed or feel.

They didn’t know and so they spread the stinker: “Writing can’t make money for you. Nigerian writers are poor blokes!”

But, I fired myself from paid employment because I needed the freedom to create and be happy. Over the course of 10 years, I’d honed my art to court the eyes and hearts of folks.

To help fellow writers, I decided to pen ADDICTED TO WRITING: My Power, My Pleasure, My Pain.

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