Write Heart


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Write Heart by Damilola Jonathan O. is an attempt to help you connect with people through writing. First, you must find your story and understand why it’s important. The stories bring you closer to people and to discovering who you really are. This book is not just a shortcut to becoming a super writer, it’s not a wave of a wand that turns you into a bestseller. It’s a realistic journey, discover why you want to write, focus on your audience, employ the right tools and achieve your life goals. This is also a guide for me to use in case other writers need to get some quick help with their writing. If you find me worthy to tutor you then get this book. I tackled questions that make writing a difficult task. Writing should always be a rewarding and fulfilling experience, plunge into it with your heart.

I want to make you become comfortable with the tools of writing, you should be able to find your voice and write stories that carry your unique signature.