Chronicles Of Tonio Lawrex [ANGST]


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Chronicles of Tonio Lawrex [ANGST] is a campus fiction on LOVE, CRIME, ROMANCE, SEX, HORROR, FEAR, DEATH.
Tonio and Helen got spellbound in the said ‘Love-at-first-sight’. Consequently, two other lovers who are mutual friends with Tonio, had a major misunderstanding which led to raping the girl to death. Tonio went to prison because he’s the closest friend to the dead, until evidence vindicated him.

Thereafter, a lesbian sisterhood drags Helen with Tonio. He battles to free his lover from the sisterhood. Suspense, fear and death got mixed up in the story, which begs the question; ‘Will any of the lovers DIE?’
Journeying between academics and social life, dreams are wasted in premature relationships. This STORY reflects on the life of the reader. So much for a fiction.

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