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When I started out on Twitter to share my voice, it was as if I was living in a graveyard. All I could hear were crickets. Does this sound familiar?

It wasn’t that I wasn’t great at what I was doing. The problem was that I hadn’t found the spice. I had to find the sweet spot where I could resonate with the hearts of my audience.

Doing so required doing two things – being authentic (being as truthful as possible) with my delivery and doing everything possible to be in the face of the people who needed to hear my message.

If you’re reaching the wrong people, then you’re spilling your pearls before swine. Also, if your message lacks the spark that ignites their hearts with colours it can lead to a walkout.


Game over!

To achieve success, it’s pretty easy to create the resonance – find
your own rhythm and appear before the right audience.



If you’ve ever desired to become influential in this art, there are three things you must commit to doing as from today. These key areas work in every industry you can think of. Great leaders of time explored these three areas to either cause devastation or change the course of mankind for good.

I remember losing my first client one month after I had resigned. And then another within another month. I felt I was losing it. Sometimes we wake and we are angry at the sun. We want the rain to fall heavily and just subsume everyone under a deluge. They are feelings. The journey isn’t all rosy. Interspersed within the flashes of awesomeness are times when we want to hide under the pillow and cry our eyes out.

In a world that is increasingly becoming interconnected virtually, people are having more options available to them. Your ability to get the cash rolling in is to work on your likeability factor. Sadly, when shit hits the fan, the rats scamper out to have a field day. It’s beautiful to have nice comments thrown our way, but in reality, you can’t score A on everyone’s sheet. There’s always a group of folks that the tune of your band irks their ears. It’s just how it is.

What does humanity want?

What are you here to create? 

If you’re not chosen, what do you do?

When you’re attacked by people for daring and venturing to create?

What do your clients want?

What is art? 

What is work?

In ABANDON THE DOTS! you will find answers.

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